Beth Goder
Author and Archivist

2015 Statistics

I always want to know about submission statistics. How many stories do most people send out? How many times do they get rejected? What’s the most common story length? Genre? Highest number of times rejected? Fastest acceptance? I’m not sure why I find submission statistics so fascinating–perhaps it’s just interesting to look at the data.

In 2015, I sent out 14 new stories, received 2 acceptances and 59 rejections. Both published stories were rejected 2 times before getting accepted. My most rejected story received 11 rejections. I trunked one story, and the rest are either submitted or waiting to be sent off.

My shortest story was 250 words. My longest 6,300. Most of my stories were flash fiction, or close to it, with 9 stories coming in at 1,500 words or less. The total number of words submitted was about 33,000. (But oh man, did I ever write a bunch of stuff that I never finished or immediately trunked without submitting.) I’d classify 7 stories as science fiction and 7 stories as fantasy. Until I categorized them all, I didn’t realize I’d written an even split. I didn’t do it on purpose–I just wrote what I felt like writing.) I submitted to pro, semi-pro, and token markets.

I should mention that I’m cheating, since these numbers also include the last few months of 2014 (when I started writing.) I also have a few stories that are basically done and just need some light revision, so those will be included in the 2016 statistics, even though I wrote them this year.

Overall, this was a decent year. Much better than I expected. I got something published. (Yay!) And I have another story coming out next year. That’s a win in my book.