Beth Goder
Author and Archivist

Motivation Through Shiny Stickers

I’ve tried several methods to increase my writing productivity. Daily word counts don’t work well for me, especially since I spend so much time revising. Often, I cut words during revision, and then I end up with a negative word count for the day. Not motivating. The goal to write every day isn’t great either, because when I inevitably miss a day, I feel bad.

But what does work for me? A neat calendar and fun stickers! I got the idea from another writer on a forum. Now I have a nifty calendar with pictures of space, and whenever I write, revise, or submit, I get a star. (A gold star for new writing.) If I finish a big project, I get a special sticker.

Guys, it is so much fun.

With the calendar, I have visual evidence of my work. (Too often, it feels like I’ve done nothing, because it takes so long for me to produce a finished story.) I’ve been writing down the stories I’ve been working on too, so I can track where I’ve been spending my time.

The best thing is, the calendar/stickers actually get me to write more. I don’t like to have an empty day, so I tell myself I’ll just work on something for a few minutes. Sometimes those minutes turn into an hour or two. I’ve only been using this method for a month, but in that month I’ve written almost every day. It’s worked much better than just being determined to write every day.

So, in conclusion, stickers are a great motivator!