Beth Goder
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Ursula Le Guin Answers Writing Questions

On her website and at Book View Cafe, Ursula K. Le Guin has been answering questions about writing. One of the greatest authors of our time is willing to answer our questions–this is an amazing gift.

Her latest entry has selected comments about online critique groups, including one from yours truly. I can say without hesitation that Le Guin is my favorite author, and has been for a long time, so having her respond to something I wrote (even just a brief comment) leaves me speechless.

Le Guin is generously offering to answer more questions. You’ll find the form at the bottom of her latest entry (linked above). I have questions about everything–plot, structure, characterization, foreshadowing, etc. Basically, all possible aspects of writing. It will be difficult to narrow down the list to one specific question. Hope I can get it in before the queue fills up.