Beth Goder
Author and Archivist

The Wish Giver Published at Zetetic

My story “The Wish Giver” is up at Zetetic: A Record of of Unusual Inquiry.

There were other rules, which the elderly recited like a mantra during winter nights when the children had gone to bed, but the most important one was this: you could only have one wish.

There are many stories about wishes. (In fact, I wrote “The Wish Giver” shortly after reading one.) It’s a classic theme of myth and fantasy. What would you do if you could have any wish, anything in the world? But I thought, “What would happen if someone refused a wish? What would the consequences be?” In the middle of the night, I snuck out of bed, sat in the stairway, and jotted down the outline for what would eventually become “The Wish Giver.” Hope you enjoy it.