Beth Goder
Author and Archivist

Eating the Sun Published in Mothership Zeta

It’s up! You can find my story about an alien-godling and sentient sun in Issue Four of Mothership Zeta. Space poetry, an epic journey, and an ending that I hope will make you smile.

This story started with a prompt about the weather.

Every year, my writing group holds a flash fiction contest. It’s a super fun way to get motivated, with quick feedback from all of the participants. The catch? You only have one weekend to write the story, from initial brainstorming to completed draft.

“Eating the Sun” was the first story I wrote for one of these contests. When I saw the prompt about weather, I thought, “Well, the sun affects the weather.” I figured I couldn’t write about the sun unless it had a speaking role. The story unfolded from there.

I often don’t understand the heart of a story until after I’ve written it. After taking in the insightful feedback from my writing group, I let this one sit for a few weeks. In revision, I didn’t change much, but I did shift more focus onto the fourth planet–that hope of life, which I think is at the center of the story.

When I got the acceptance from Mothership Zeta, I was sitting on the floor at library storytime with my family. There was much huzzahing!

I’m super happy to see the story out in the world.