Beth Goder
Author and Archivist

Year in Review, 2017

Another year of writing has passed me by. Here’s a post about what I had published in 2017, plus some nifty writing stats.

2017 Publications

“When All the Clocks Are Wrong.” Escape Pod

The story this year that is closest to my heart. A woman finds herself thrown forward and backward in time, and has to deal with the complications. It’s a story about parenthood, too, and the precious moments of our lives, and some thoughts about how tricky time can really be.

“Pulling Secrets from Stones.” Mythic

The magic of ordinary things, old trucks, and spontaneous berry pie. I write a lot about pie.

“To the Eggplant Cannon.” Metaphorosis

A magician navigates her way through a vegetable-themed amusement park. Silliness, glitter, and someone dressed in a garlic suit (which is really a thing I saw at an amusement park once!)

This is my second year of eligibility for the Campbell Award.

Writing Stats

Submissions: 97

Acceptances: 8

Publications: 5

Rejections: 91

Many of the acceptances/publications were reprints, which I didn’t think about keeping track of until I wrote up these statistics. (This is my first year having reprints, which reminds me that I haven’t even been doing this that long, even if it feels like it.) In 2018, I’ll make a new spreadsheet to make finding these end-of-year statistics easier. (I got pretty excited when I figured out how to freeze the first row in Excel so I’m hoping this will be a good year for spreadsheets.)

I also make special note of all of the rejections (the many, many rejections) I received, because it’s not always obvious, but I think most writers are being rejected all the time. (At least, it’s certainly true for me.) I hope these numbers will be encouraging to others. It doesn’t matter how many times you get rejected; you only need to find that editor who is going to love your story!

For 2018, I have a spiffy new planner to keep track of all my writing stuff. I am using highlighters! It will be great!