Beth Goder

Beth Goder is an author and archivist whose stories have appeared in Escape Pod, Analog, Clarkesworld, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Flash Fiction Online, Nature, and Rich Horton's The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy.


"Mycotrophs." Bitter Become the Fields
"And We All Come to the End, Around, Around." Hauntings and Hoarfrost
"Murder on the Eris Express." (novella) Analog
"Ocean House." Heartlines Spec


“Thorn.” Once Upon a Future Time, Volume 3
“Labyrinth.”The Dark
"Two Vases Fall." Factor Four


“The Forgotten Bakery in the Valley of Ears.” Kaleidotrope
"One Pinch, Two Pinch." Lightspeed
"The Giant's Dream." The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction


"Rundle 105." Dark Matter Magazine
“Make Your Own Happily Ever After.” Trenchcoats, Towers, and Trolls: Cyberpunk Fairy Tales
"The Appliance Crisis." Flash Fiction Online
"The Cinnamon Thread." Podcastle
"An Expression of Silence."
  • Originally published in Clarkesworld
  • Reprinted in The Year's Top Tales of Space and Time 3, August 2023
“One Day in Infinity.” Cast of Wonders
  • Originally published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, July/August issue
  • Reprinted in Gamut, July 2024
“Dinosaur Portal Mayhem.” Rockets and Robots
"The Ocean Waits." Martian
"The Restaurant of Object Permanence." Diabolical Plots
“The Time Loop Device is Counting Down.” Unidentified Funny Objects 9, TBA


“The Space Mermaid's Garden.” Mermaids Monthly
“Photobombing the Apocalypse.” Cossmass Infinities - 2020: The First Year
“Sisyphus and the Sun.” Martian
“Last Words and Little Rebellions.” Nature
“Echo Echo Heartbeat.” Flash Fiction Online
“Candide; Life-.” Clarkesworld
“History in Pieces.” Clarkesworld


"The Punctuation Factory." Unidentified Funny Objects 8
“True Colors.” Analog, September/October 2020 issue
“The House That Leapt Into Forever.” Clarkesworld
“Memories of a Rose Garden.” Community of Magic Pens, anthology


“Fairy-Tale Ending.” Flash Fiction Online
“How to Say I Love You With Wikipedia.” Fireside
“Streetlight Discovers Kandinsky.” Constellary Tales
“Seeds Travel.”


“The Fermi Loneliness Problem,” Unidentified Funny Objects 7
“How to Identify an Alien Shark.”
“Move Fast and Break Things.” Factor Four Magazine
“Our Weight on Other Worlds.” Factor Four Magazine
“The Great Scientist Rivalry on Planet Sourdough.”
  • Originally published in Reading 5x5, charity anthology.
  • Podcast at Escape Pod, August 2019


“When All the Clocks Are Wrong.” Escape Pod
“Pulling Secrets from Stones.”
  • Originally published in Mythic.
  • Reprinted in Luna Station Quarterly, September 2018
  • Podcast at Podcastle, April 2021
“To the Eggplant Cannon.” Metaphorosis


“The Forgetting Place."
Murder or a Duck.
  • Originally published in Escape Pod.
  • Reprinted in Time Travel Anthology from Flame Tree Press, August 2017
  • Reprinted in Cossmass Infinities, September 2020
“Eating the Sun.”
“Windows.” Escape Pod
“The Wish Giver.”


“The Sound That Carries Across the Ocean.” Freeze Frame Fiction